The Governance Toolkit

The Governance Toolkit helps envisioning, planning and governing the commoning processes and is also open-source!

The Governance Toolkit provides tools for designing the governance of the generative commons. To govern a commons is not only about defining the decisional systems but it is also about assessing capacities and resources, engineering financial systems, addressing spatial and site specific conditions, envisioning futures. The tools have the purpose of supporting communities and administrations in guiding and facilitating their conversations and negotiations.

The toolkit helps existing generative commons, administrations willing to support and develop the generativity of the commons, community leaders and facilitators and also citizens and organisations aiming at establishing a commons.

It helps to envision the future and design an actionable plan, it confronts with space as a process of negotiating needs and capacities and simulates and assess juridical and decisional governance structures.


The Governance Toolkit was developed by Community Land Trust Brussels. If you have questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Tools


A tool for envisioning futures, assessing capacities and planning for action.

Commons and Dragons

A role-playing game about forms of governance and juridical structures.

Space Matters

Architectural tools for facilitating the governance of hybrid and plural spaces.

Meet the creator

Verena Lenna

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The Governance Toolkit

The Governacne Toolkit helps envisioning, planning and governing the commoning processes