gE.CO Living Lab is an exchange platform for formal groups or informal communities of citizens who manage fab-lab, hubs, incubators, co-creation spaces, social centres created in regenerated urban voids. We’ve been busy surveying local communities and creating tools to assist them in developing their projects. In fact, our survey is  the largest of its kind conducted. Read more on it here.

The Generative Commons Living Lab has been busy at work, researching and creating tools and kits that can hep benefit commons initiatives. Have a look at some of the amazing tools we’ve developed below!

The Toolbox

The toolbox is a collection of online services that allow communities to take advantage of free to use technologies. It has been designed to help commons organizations carry out the tasks they currently struggle with.

All of the technologies are open-source, which means that that have been publicly developed by communities to help other communities. The toolbox packages this software, which often needs to be set up individually, into a service called the ‘gE.CO toolbox’.

The technologies are provided for free for the duration of the project and you can retain the information generated through the technologies and will remain completely private.

The Map

The digital map is, as the name suggests, an interactive map showcasing citizens’ initiatives and public institutions engaged in new forms of partnership with local communities. The map connects generative commons and public administrations in a new network that promotes the exchange of good practices and legal solutions. Visit the map and check out our extensive list of commons initiatives from across the continent!

The Database

The database shares the experiences of organizations by evaluating a group of pilot cases to understand which socio-economic, cultural and legal factors make self-organized experiences sustainable.

Stay tuned as the museum takes shape: follow the news on our website for more information!

The Museum

We’re working on something very special: The very first ever generative commons museum. The Widespread Museum of Generative Commons will utilize the experiences mapped and classified on the gE.CO platform and the findings of the gE.CO survey to build digital thematic itineraries. The WMGC will utilize the results of the project for improving knowledge about urban regeneration, citizens’ participation, and solidarity services in Europe, facilitating the circulation of best practices and inspiring new processes of active participation.

The Temporary Reuse Toolkit

The T.U.T. will facilitate, both to Public Administrations and to citizens, flexible dynamics that will allow the activation of mechanisms to reincorporate disused spaces in a cycle of new useful life. For this, a methodology of “temporal sequencing” of the processes has been defined, divided into 6 blocks: Offer, Demand, Assignment, Financing, Implementation and Assessment). This methodology will allow to respond to the citizens demand through calls, implementing innovative models of cession of use as well as alternative forms of management.

What is happening?

Geco will help generative commons around Europe.

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