gE.CO survey presented at AGORA event

Bahanur Nasya of gE.CO partner Eutropian, presented the outcomes of the survey at the AGORA exchange event.

She outlined the research results of the Generative Commons Living Lab survey as well as the needs of commons initiatives during her presentation at the international thematic cluster workshop for cities in the Danube region.

Survey offers glimpse into unique urban regeneration methods and empowerment of citizens

The main aim of the AGORA event was to exchange the knowledge and experience among territorial partners and experts. The event was mainly devoted to cities Chisinau, Szarvas and Zenica, which have chosen the 2nd thematic cluster as the focus area of their AGORA activities.

The presentation of the gE.CO survey results offered cities a glimpse into unique methods of urban regeneration and empowerment of citizens initiatives.

What is AGORA?

AGORA is an Interreg Danube project equipping ten cities in the Danube Region with better knowledge, better governance and innovative administrative policy instruments for the reintroduction of vacant/underused space into the productive urban value chain.