gE.CO webinar on developing urban commons

In partnership with Cooperative City magazine on collaborative urban practices, we had a public webinar on October 28, 2020 – focusing  on how policy can tackle challenges and find solutions for developing urban commons in these uncertain times.

The term Urban Commons refers to all spaces, services and resources directly managed by local communities for their own wellbeing. Taking care of such common goods isn’t only beneficial for the immediate needs of the citizens – in fact, urban commons can play a crucial role in building a more cohesive – and inclusive – society.

The live broadcast was hosted by Daniela Patti form Eutropian, with the conversation focusing on ways in which city administrations can promote the use of urban commons and community spaces through regulations and incentives.

It goes without saying that given the COVID-19 pandemic, further promotion of urban commons can be crucial in helping societies tackle the currently unfolding socio-economic crisis.
Experts taking part in the live broadcast consisted of the following names:
Gianni Ferrero, from the City of Turin
Julian Colabello, District of Rome, Italy
Alessandra Quarta, University of Turin, Italy
Anna Szadkowska and Madga Gnyp-Scigocka, City of Lublin, Poland
Sylvine Bois-Choussy, la 27e Région, France
Daniela Patti, Eutropian
The lively debate also delved into the main challenges cities are currently tackling in developing urban commons; as well as the solutions and future steps in the light of the current crisis.
Make sure you watch the above linked episode in full, for a more detailed journey into these important themes!