Spazi Indecisi

Spazi Indecisi is a cultural association that reflects on the valorization and reuse of abandoned

buildings in Emilia-Romagna and more broadly in Italy. 

Since 2010, Spazi Indecisi has been exploring and mapping abandoned and unused places. The

process, open to the participation of everyone, has led to the collection of a vast amount of material

and information, that describe the local territory from an unusual perspective.

Spazi Indecisi experiments processes of urban regeneration through cultural projects that transform

abandoned places in a field of investigation and research for artists, photographers, architects,

urban planners, landscape architects and citizens.

After years of cultural activities, the association now wants to become a facilitator of urban

regeneration paths experimenting new processes, a multidisciplinary research point on the issue of

abandonment, its management and its relationship with citizens.

The main projects created by Spazi Indecisi (IN LOCO, Totally Lost, Cicli Indecisi) have dealt with the

issue of abandonment in an innovative way by integrating urban exploration, photography, arts, and


Spazi Indecisi is involved in the process for the regeneration of two previously abandoned places: an

old bus depot, EXATR, in partnership with the cultural association Città di Ebla, the Municipality of

Forlì and ATR, and a former aqueduct, Spinadello, with the Municipality of Forlimpopoli and a

network of local associations.

Architects, fundraisers, designers, engineers, social economists, educators, translators, photographers and video makers are part of Spazi Indecisi.


Francesco Tortori
graduated in 2006 in “Communication and Advertising for Organizations” at the University of Urbino. Then he had several work experiences in social research, marketing, business consulting and fundraising for a non-profit ngo. In 2010 he founded Spazi Indecisi. He is the cultural director. Since 2014 he has involved in the project of the regeneration of Depot ATR in collaboration with the Municipality of Forlì and the Emilia Romagna Region, which aims to activate an open laboratory of social and cultural innovation that brings into dialogue the arts (performative, digital, Multimedia, Visual, Design, etc.), enterprise and university.

Erica Ferigo

Graduated in Social Economy at the University of Bologna she’s Project Manager for Urban Regeneration. She’s been working on the design, management and coordination of european and local cultural projects for municipalities and associations.

She previously worked at the University of Bologna in the teaching courses of “Business Plan for Social Entrepreneurship” and “Management Accounting in Public and Nonprofit Sector” and collaborated with the Urban Center of Bologna in the management of the Neighborhood Laboratories for the Participatory Budget.

In Spazi Indecisi she works specifically in coordinating processes with local communities. She writes projects, plans and programs activities, coordinates the project team, manages internal organization, administers and monitors  the development of the association.