Spazi Indecisi

Spazi Indecisi is a cultural association that reflects on abandonment and reuse of territory in Emilia-Romagna, and more broadly in Italy.
Since 2010, the cultural association Spazi Indecisi has been mapping and exploring abandoned places; the process is open to the participation of everyone, and has led to the collection of a vast amount of material and information, that describe our territory from an unusual perspective.

Spazi Indecisi experiments processes of urban regeneration through cultural projects that transformed abandoned places in a field of investigation and research for artists, photographers, architects, urban planners, landscape architects and citizens.

Spazi Indecisi, after years of cultural activities, now wants to become a facilitator of Urban Regeneration paths experimenting new processes, becoming a multidisciplinary research point on the issue of abandonment, his management, the relationship with citizens.

The main project curated by Spazi Indecisi (In Loco, Totally Lost) have dealt with the issue of abandonment by integrating arts, urban exploration and architecture in a mode appreciated by the citizens who took part in the events, by institutions and by media and partner.

Spazi Indecisi is involved in the project for the regeneration of an old deposit in partnership with the Municipality of Forlì, City of Ebla and ATR. A project co-financed by the Emilia-Romagna Region, which is a bet for the development of the territory.
Architects, fundraiser, designers, engineers, translators and photographers, videomakers are part of cultural association Spazi Indecisi.

Francesco Tortori
graduated in 2006 in “Communication and Advertising for Organizations” at the University of Urbino. Then he had several work experiences in social research, marketing, business consulting and fundraising for a non-profit ngo. In 2010 he founded Spazi Indecisi. He is the cultural director. Since 2014 he has involved in the project of the regeneration of Depot ATR in collaboration with the Municipality of Forlì and the Emilia Romagna Region, which aims to activate an open laboratory of social and cultural innovation that brings into dialogue the arts (performative, digital, Multimedia, Visual, Design, etc.), enterprise and university.

Jessica Andreucci
Graduated in foreign languages and literature, she has a specialization in International Cooperation and Human Rights at the University of Bologna. she has completed her studies on European legislation and project planning in Turkey and an annual internship at a major Irish NGO. she has been coordinating European projects, organizing and promoting cultural events on behalf of municipalities and cultural associations. She has a three-year experience at the Tourism and Culture Department of the Municipality of Ravenna and, in 2016, she collaborated with the European Cultural Route ATRIUM. Recently, she has obtained a Masters degree in tourism promotion and management of cultural activities (Center of Advanced Studies on Tourism, University of Bologna) with honors and a final project on the experimentation of a widespread museum of abandonment in Romagna, based on its project IN LOCO. she l collaborates with the Spazi Indecisi and carries out tourism territorial and digital marketing for public and private actors.