The rise of Urban Commons in Europe

The phenomenon of urban commons in Europe continues to be explored, developed and supported. Whether it by the research conducted by gE.CO Living Lab, the tools we’re in the process of creating, or policies and regulations supporting  commons initiatives, the issue continues to gain traction, especially in Europe. While the theme is commonly explored via cultural or social angles and related disciplines, the legal aspect and implications also need reviewing and exploration.

In a recent article, written by gE.CO’s Alessandra Quarta and Antonio Verecellone published in the blogdroiteuropéen, the legal ramifications of creating commons and the supporting legal tools are examined in depth. Examining how the commons “…became popular in social studies and political activism…” and how “in some countries domestic lawyers have shared the interest for this notion…” over the last decade, the article delves into a legal expose on the traditions, regulations and legal issues surrounding the commons.

A recommended read, click to have a gander!