The Participation Toolkit: Collective emotional mapping

The use of collective emotional mapping. Click to enlarge.

Our idea of collective emotional mapping involves the idea of space as both physical and emotional. Collective mapping creation is a tool to understand how certain communities co-create a safe space and its boundaries.

Drawing a map is a method of compiling collective accounts of what is common to a group of people who share comparable traits and experiences. Collective maps are a valuable tool for dealing with the complexity of geographic scale, borders, and functionality, as well as any variations regarding definitions and thus, they are part of a wider process as they:

  • Constitute a “means” for thought and collective participation
  • Promote understanding of spatial mobility of under-represented and socially isolated groups
  • Provide a way for socialization of situated knowledge and good practices
  • Foster co-creation of safe spaces
  • Are a tool for deep analysis of key issues of visibility and inclusion
  • Document the world of the commons


You can find the full publication about Collective Emotional Mapping here: 

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