Temporary use office

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The mission of the agency would be guiding the citizen throughout the various processes of temporary use implementation, mediating between citizens and all areas of the administrations that should interact, facilitating and supporting the work of the various social agents to return unused spaces to a new lifecycle. The OUT will offer a single interlocutor throughout the development of the various necessary steps.


Definition of necessary steps and methodology to reactivate abandoned buildings through temporary uses. It offers a global vision of procedures.


It allows studying the urban, constructive, energetic, accessibile and environmental conditions of abandoned buildings. It will make it possible to establish decisions about its viability.


Proposal of Temporary Uses Offices and Policies implementation in European cities to enhance the reuse of urban voids.

further reading:

Learning from innovative case studies​

Provides an analytical tool for the study of cases in which an abandoned building has been reactivated with temporary uses.

6 Steps to reactivate empty spaces

Establishes a methodological tool that serves as a guide for the reprogramming of the existing city and to reincorporate disused spaces in a new useful life cycle.